Step by step tutorial.

Description: This tutorial contains step-by-step instructions how to move or copy LightBox inserted using LightBox Advancer for Expression Web.

1. Open your html document in the Expression Web


2. Select point in document where you want a existing LightBox to be copied or moved.


3. Start LightBox Advancer and select the LightBox to copy/move in the Lightbox List


4. Press Copy Item button and then press the Paste Item button to insert the selected Lightbox copy.


5. Copy the target text to clipboard


6. And insert it to the Target field of newly created Lightbox.

Note: Now you can remove the original Lightbox if necessary.


7. Congratulation! We have 2 identical Lightboxes. Press Save & Close button to save your work to html document.



8. Save your html document.

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