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ToolTip Settings

ToolTip settings enable you to set properties for each ToolTips item. Just select the item that you want to edit in the Items List and choose the following properties.


Enter text for ToolTips link. Data from this field will be wrapped by the <span> HTML tag after saving.


Enter the tooltip content. Allowed using of HTML tags. Content of the tooltip can be modified later directly inside Expresion Web document.


Enter URL that returns content of the tooltip. See How to use AJAX for detail.


Enter content of the tooltip header. Allowed using of Html tags.


Choose a style to apply to current ToolTips item.

To add new style or to edit existing styles switch to Style Editor tab.


This option allows to define the location of the tooltip window appearance relatively target. Available the following values:

ToolTip appears above the object of interest.
ToolTip appears to the right of the object of interest.
ToolTip appears below the object of interest.
ToolTip appears to the left of the object of interest.
This option automatically sets position to show entire tooltip window.
This option sets absolute postion for tooltip window.

Open/Close group

This group allows to set events which hide/show tooltip windows and animation effect.


Open On

This option defines the action/event that shows tooltip. Available the following values: mouseover and click.

Close On

This option defines the event on which the tooltip window hides. Available the following values: mouseout, click, icon. Icon option is available if "Use Close Icon" option assigned in current style. Close icon will appear on tooltip header in this case. See Style Editor tab.


This option used to assign animation effect used to show/hide tooltip window. The following effect available:

  • Snap
  • Fade
  • Roll
  • Slide
  • Zoom
  • Cursor

By default all of these effects are included in the tooltip js script. Size of the tooltip script can be reduced by excluding unnecessary animation effects. See Script Size Optimization. In that case effects included in the current script can be used only. This case the More ... button will appear.


This button appears when not all the possible animation effects included in current script. See Script Size Optimization.


After assigning default value for the parameter this value will be used for all new created tooltips.

Apply to All

Apply current value of the option to all the tooltips in the document.

AJAX Preload

Image path

Enables to set the Preloading Image. This image will be displayed inside Tooltip Window while the contents of the tooltip will be loaded. Select image file using Browse button or type the image path in the edit box or double-click on image box to open the image selection dialog. Selected image field can be cleared using Delete button.

Usually animated gif images are using here. For creating such gifs you can use free service on site http://www.ajaxload.info

This image will used for all the tooltips which contain URL as content type.


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