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Tooltips Advancer - Introduction


CSSMenuTools ToolTips Advancer is a simple and useful tool that helps to easily insert the ToolTips into your web pages. It is designed to view the html content in the popup window. It allows you to use stylish, feature-rich ToolTips.

No hand coding is required. The extension automatically generates the CSS and JS files that are based on the parameters you set via its GUI.

We have also taken care of quickly loading the product code in browsers. This is achieved by optimizing the code size, as well as caching code and images in browsers.

All the data that provide ToolTips appearance and behavior are stored in one js and one css file. The document contains only parameters for each instance of the ToolTips. That’s why, it is enough to have only one js and one css file for the entire site.

Design of the ToolTip window depends on the used style. In one document, you can use as many styles of ToolTips, as you wish. Rich styles library coming with the product. Also you can create fully custom style to use on your sites.

How to quickly create and put ToolTips on a site see Quick Start Guide.



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