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Tooltips Advancer - Interface & Dialogs

Interface Guide

After the launch ToolTips Advancer, you will see: Items List, Toolbar, Properties Setting Tabs

Main dialog

and Preview Window.

Items List

You can choose an item to edit here. See Items List for details.


ToolBar contains the tools, which help you to apply templates, to show or hide a preview window, to get local or online help and to register the plug-in. See ToolBar for details.

Properties Setting Tabs

Properties Setting Tabs group contains three tabs:

  • Item tab enables you to set properties for each item. See Item for details.
  • Style Editor tab enables you to add, delete and set properties for the styles. See Style Editor for details.
  • General tab enables you to set some general properties. See General for details.

Preview Window

Preview window enables you to view your ToolTips in action instantly. See Preview for details.



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