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Tooltips Advancer - Header style

Header Style

Header style

The tooltip window can have a header. To use header in the tooltip window assign the Use Header checkbox. In this case become available for editing the parameters in the Header style section. For the tooltips with filled text of the header also allowed access to the parameters of this section. See Item editor.

Padding group

Sets margins of tooltip window.

Top margin
Bottom margin
Left margin
Right margin

Bottom Delimiter group

Delimiter separates the header from main content of the tooltip .

Enables to select Solid or none style for the line. None means no delimiter.
This value set the line width in pixels.
Enables to set the line color.

Text group

Sets parameters of the header text.

Choose a font face from the drop-down list or type it directly.
Set the font size. You can specify the size in pixels.
You can set color, bold (B) and italic (I) style to text.
Set text alignment. Buttons Align left Align center Align right set horizontal text alignment: Left, Centered, Right.
Bg Color
Set background color.

How to set colors see Color Picker.

Close Icon group

The Use Close Icon checkbox should be checked to show up close icon in the right corner of the header.

For tooltips with enabled Use Close Icon checkbox, an event to close tooltip window can be assigned.

When the event to close window will be selected the close icon in the tooltip header will appear.

The close icon consist from the following image: for normal state and state for mouseover.

You can use Presets viewer to choose professionally-designed styles coming with the CSSMenuTools Tooltips.

Image boxes

Select the image box you wish to edit. Then select image file using Browse image Browse button or type the image path in the edit box or double-click on image box to open the image selection dialog. Selected image field can be cleared using Clear image Delete button.


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