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Tooltips Advancer - Border images

Border and Background Images

Border images

The use of attractive images allows to improve the tooltip window appearance.

Image Border Settings group enables you to create the ToolTip border using the images.

Use Border Images

Activate the option to use image-based tooltip window border.

Border consists of fourteen images. They are:

  • Top left corner image.
  • Top arrow image.
  • Top image. This image is repeated horizontally.
  • Top right corner image.
  • Right arrow image.
  • Right image. This image is repeated vertically.
  • Bottom right corner image.
  • Bottom image. This image is repeated horizontally.
  • Bottom arrow image.
  • Bottom left corner image.
  • Left image. This image is repeated vertically.
  • Left arrow image.

You can use Presets viewer to choose professionally-designed styles coming with the CSSMenuTools Tooltips.

Use Background Image

This option allows to control of using images as background for the tooltip window.

Repeat BG Image

Assign this option if you want to repeat the background image horizontally and vertically.

To assign dimensions of the tooltip window according to the background image use the Pick ToolTip Size from Image button.

Edit Images

Select the image box you wish to edit. Then select image file using Browse image Browse button or type the image path in the edit box or double-click on image box to open the image selection dialog. Selected image field can be cleared using Clear image Delete button.


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