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Tooltips Advancer - Step 7

Step 7

Add created Horizontal Menu to other pages.

  1. Open a page you want to add created menu
  2. Place the cursor into a position on page where you want the menu to be inserted
  3. Start the CSSMenuTools Horizontal Menu Advancer plug-in by clicking the Horizontal Menu Advancer plug-in icon Horizontal menu icon in the CSSMenuTools group at the Insert panel
  4. Click Open in the Splash form to open created menu
  5. Browse and select HorMenu.js file in the HorMenu folder
  6. Press Save & Close button

ADVICE: you can easily apply your menu to all the pages within your site if you place it into a Dreamweaver Template that is applied to those pages. That way any modifications you make to your menu are quickly applied to all the pages when you update your template.



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