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Search Engine Optimization group

Links On Page

Highly optimized search engine menu scripts can greatly improve your site search engine placement and page rank. To improve the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines select from show All links on the page, Top Only links or Optimized.

Keyboard Navigation group

Activate Keyboard Navigation

Turn check box on if you want to use keyboard navigation.


Set key sequence to activate keyboard navigation on the browser.

Menu Name & Script

Menu Name group

Menu Name

Enter the menu name. This is useful if you're going to add more than one menu to the document.

ADVICE: Assign names for your menus  according to its functionality, position or any other characteristic. This helps to select the right menu later.

Save/Load Script group

Script File

Select the location and the name of the JS file.

CSS file will be saved into the same folder.

All the menu data stored in the js file. Select the js file containing the menu if you want to insert the previously created menu into current document. The Confirmation dialog will appear.

Press Yes button. Existing menu will be loaded.

NOTE:All changes made in the menu structure and style will be applied to all documents containing this menu.


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