If you are using the unregistered version of Accordion, Horizontal or Vertical Menu Advancer, you are hereby licensed to use this software for evaluation purpose without charge for a period of 14 days. Before you register it, it only supports generating links to cssmenutools site for menu items when you preview or publish the menu. If you want to continue using this software after the evaluation period, please order it through the steps as follows:

1. Start the CSSMenuTools Accordion, Horizontal or Vertical Menu Advancer plug-in by clicking the corresponding icon in the CSSMenuTools toolbar.
Expression Web:
Expression web toolbar
2. Click "Buy Now" button on the splash form to go to our order page. Registration dialog will be opened as well. Or you can click icon on the plug-in toolbar to open registration dialog directly and then click "Buy Now" ?button on it. After your payment has been processed, you will get your registration key instantly.

3. Input the registration username, email and key exactly in the registration dialog.