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All Styles common group contains the style editor. Here you can create new item styles or modify existing.


Select the style you wish to edit.

Manage the styles by using the buttons:


Create new style. The New Style Name dialog will appear.


NOTE: Every new style that you add into a list has all the parameters of the currently selected style.

HINT: You can call styles suitable for its locations i.e. Level-1 for first-level items or Level-1-arrow for first-level items with submenu. This would help you much at further usage.


Delete the selected style. You can not delete a style applied to any item.


Rename selected style. The Rename Style Name dialog will appear. Change the current style name to the name you want and press OK button.


Apply the selected style to the menu item currently selected in the menu tree.


Choose a font face from the drop-down list or type it directly.


Set the font size. You can specify the size in pixels.


Set the left indent for text within items.


Set the menu item height

V Interval

Set the vertical interval after the menu item.



Select default cursor or pointer cursor. Cursor will switch to the cursor value when the mouse is over the item, and back to normal when the mouse is off.

The menu item may have up to three states.

They are:

Normal - mouse is out of item.

Over - mouse is over the item

Current - highlighting menu item which is linked to the current page.

You can set different text color, background color and background image for the states. Also you can set bold (B) or italic (I) style to the normal state text. It will be applied to all the states.

How to set colors see Color Picker.

Bg Images

Turn Bg Images check box on if you want to use background images.

Select the image box you whish to edit and type the image path in the edit box or browse image file by Browse button.